Business Lessons and “The Office”

I have watched reruns of the office so often. One can learn from Each character I feel especially Michael and Dwight.

  1. Caring for employees brings out the best in them
  2. Starting a business requires actively looking for customers at every stage of the business (Episode where Michael quits Dundermuffin due to the new Boss)
  3. Make sure whomever you hire fitd in the company culture or is at least aware of the company culture (Episode where newAnager is hired after sale of DunderMuffin)
  4. Always attract the best sales Reps in your team and if you can’t beat your competitor find a strategy to bring them on your Team (Episode where Jim and Dwight go after a big customer and find they are in competition with best sales person on the competitive company)
  5. Employees can be productive without micromanagement (Episode where Andy leaves the office and employees work indpendetly and hit above their targets)
  6. The power of dialing and personal connection with clients brings about more sales. (Sales strategy from Dwight)
  7. Don’t fire your most dedicated and best employee ( Episode where Dwight was fired)
  8. Don’t be afraid to admit when you make mistakes as a Boss (Episode where Michael gets Dwight back from staples)
  9. You can cultivate a family dynamic in an office
  10. Rewarding committed individuals in your business can grow the company and bring new ideas that increase efficiency (Episode where Dwight is Manager…aside from the part where he shoots his Gun in the carpet.)

How My To Do Lists Have Changed…

MY To do lists were always long! They were long lists, not done according to time but somehow they were always long. When I looked at the list I would get overwhelmed and then somehow I felt I would work slower!

What changed?

Doing One Task At a Time.

Realizing that not every Task can be done on that day

Accounting for My time. (Using Excel)

Schedueling Rest time, Family Time and Me time

Breaking down a To Do list using the 1-3-5 Rule maximum twice per day. The 1 Main Task and 3 mini tasks and 5 smaller ones

Accomplishing 5 tasks to be done to fulfill the bigger Vision.

On Motivation

I had a discussion with some friends this past weekend about Motivation. One of the common themes was how do you stay motivated? Even in low times?

By allowing time to rest, pursue hobbies and most importantly reading motivational books or biographies.

We all admit to feeling demotivated at times. But admitting how you are feeling, allowing yourself to feel all the feels then making a commitment to yourself, (keeping in mind your purpose and vision).

I swent through a phase of inaction, demotivated and generally being down on myself. It was a TOUGH 2 months and I couldn’t see any end to it.

So I took a step at a time. Some days were better than others but I was determined. Most important me I stopped being critical and celebrating the small wins.

Discomfort vs Comfort

I have learned that there is so much more growth in discomfort than ANY comfort. Looking back on my journey so far, this has certainly been true.

I learned to embrace discomfort. Here are 5 ways things I did in these times:

  1. Refflect to see the lessons I can learn
  2. Remain Positive
  3. Keeping my Vision in mind All the Time
  4. Affirmations!
  5. Reading Inspirational Books

3 years ago precovid…

In 2019 and 2020 life had become very overwhelming. I was literally in a different city or province weekly or biweekly and I felt I didn’t have time to slow down or to Just BE.

I was working double time to match life and business demands. Anxiety and insomnia was a norm.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, it gave me time to relearn about myself and sit in silence. Sitting in Silence was tough 2 years ago. My mind was filled then with thoughts of unaccomplushed deeds.

It was terrifying not to be busy and to sit still with myself. All the emotions that I never dealt with especially from family loss surfaced, insecurities that were hid by being busy.

What helped me most was I CHOSE to feel all the feelings and above all learn more about my awesome self!

The Power of Silence

I am an early early Bird. Yep early early because I enjoy waking up in the early hours of the morning to do the most important task – Think.

In these hours I can hear myself think. Negotiate and plan. Of late, I have also seen how ideas flow easily.


I was always an early riser – waking up between 3am and 430am to get ahead of work but i found i was all action and this left little reflection or thinking time. Waking up earlier has helped with thinking time which had brought clarity to my life journey.

I’m enjoying learning about myself. Thinking time is priceless.

Back to posting!

Happy to be back learning and sharing! The past year and a half has been eventful but there are lots of updates to share:

  • 2nd Book in the Mapfiwa Series is out on Amazon “Mapfiwa Goes to the Village”
  • 3rd Book in the Mapfiwa series – “Mapfiwa’s First kwanzaa” will be out October 30
  • Read 25 Great books this summer (will share these in 5s daily)
  • Business Growth
  • New Business opportunities
  • Lots of Personal Growth
  • For the first time in a LONG time prioritized myself and family time
  • Podcast episodes recorded (will share links shortly)

My journey has not always been rosy but it has been adventurous!

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